How Does Yoga Improve Mental Health?

Yoga is practised by millions across the globe. In fact, approximately 300 Million people practice Yoga worldwide. It is fair to say that people are well aware of the many benefits of this ancient practice. 

But apart from the basic physical benefits, there are many yoga benefits for mental health. Mental Health conditions have been increasing for a while now and Covid-19 worsened the situation further. 

According to WHO, there was a 13% increase in mental health conditions in the 2010-2020 decade. That’s why reaping the psychological benefits of Yoga has become the need of the hour. 

Yoga Helps Stimulate the Release of Feel-good Chemicals 

Practising Yoga triggers the release of brain chemicals that make us feel good. These chemicals include dopamine, serotonin, and norepinephrine. 

When you practice different Yoga postures, your muscles work hard, your heart rate is elevated, and it leads to the release of feel-good brain chemicals. 

That’s how Yoga brightens your mood and makes you feel happier. 

Yoga Helps in Dealing with Depression 

WHO tells us that around 280 million people in the world are suffering from depression. Medication and Psychotherapy have been the go-to depression treatment for decades. 

But researchers have found Yoga to be as effective as those traditional treatment methods. And unlike medication, Yoga has no side effects. Also, it is the most affordable way one can combat depression. 

Yoga Helps Ease Stress and Anxiety 

Breath Regulation or Pranayama is a major component of Yoga. And there is a direct relationship between anxiety and breathing. That’s where Yoga breath training comes in. 

Also, 85% of practitioners report that Yoga helps them reduce their stress levels. Even a 10-minute Yoga session can do wonders for your mental wellbeing. 

Yoga Improves Sleep

If you are having problems sleeping, it is likely to result in an increased chance of anxiety and depression. So it’s fair to say that sleep is paramount to your mental health. 

But if you’re thinking of turning to Yoga to ease your sleeping problems, you’re on the right track. Why? Because nearly 60% of yoga practitioners feel that it helps them sleep better. 

Child Pose (Shishuasana) and Shavasana (Corpse Pose) are a couple of bedtime Yoga postures that are sure to help you fall into a deep, uninterrupted sleep. 

Start Your Mental Wellness Journey Today

Having little to no experience of practising Yoga shouldn’t stop you. All you need to do is take a firm decision to feel happy from within and without. 

And if you need any help on your journey to stable mental health through Yoga, choose a course that suits your needs and reap yoga benefits for mental health. [Will Add Nikki Yoga website link here when the site is live]

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